Top Female YouTubers From Portugal (Part 1)

Portuguese YouTubers and YouTube community deserve recognition. Content creators in Portugal are not only underpaid, but they also lack business opportunities and exposure. Recently, YouTube has been pushing big channels down everyone's throat in the trending page which hurts the numbers of many creators. According to Social Blade, only the five top channels in Portugal have more than 1 million subscribers.

There's a lot of work to be done when it comes to YouTube Portugal and Portuguese creators around the world, so we figured we could help showcase the many talents starting with our top female YouTubers from Portugal. There were too many awesome people to include in one post so stay tuned for Part 2. Vania FernandesVania is a Portuguese-born girl living in the UK. As a young girl, she has been living in a lot of different places which makes Vania Fernandes special. On her main channel, she speaks mostly English. I am also subscribed to her vlog channel because she films whe…

How to Stay Fit in While Staying in Portugal

Visiting a culture-rich country such as Portugal can be a great experience. Enjoying the food, music and history is a must upon arrival. However, there are a few travelers that enjoy physical exercise and that's something they can still do while traveling. Here, we list fitness activities that you can do as a traveler while in Portugal.
Cycling On you can easily find a used bicycle. Keep in mind that Portugal has a lot of up hills and down hills. And if pedaling uphill is a concern for you, consider getting a battery-assisted bicycle. Cycling is a great way to discover new places and get your heart rate up. (Comment below or contact me here if you want to see a guide for cycling laws in Portugal).
Hiking If you want to get away from the urban noise, hiking is the way to go. There is a multitude of hiking routes in Portugal. Check out Wikiloc to find the best trails near you. Always make sure to bring water, snacks, emergency kit, flash light and extra phone batteries. Wear…

The Portuguese Football Federation Forgot Coimbra, Says Oliveira do Hospital Mayor

Oliveira do Hospital mayor, José Carlos Alexandrino criticized the Portuguese Football Federation for "forgetting" the district of Coimbra. The mayor wants a solidarity game for the fire victims in Coimbra. José Carlos Alexandrino who was re-elected by PS (Socialist Party) in the October 1st elections, criticized FPF (Portuguese Football Federation) for "forgetting Coimbra in the two national team solidarity games aimed to help the victims of the October 15 fires. FPF is raising money for wildfire victims this year by selling tickets and by receiving phone calls for Portugal national team matches. The first match is against Saudi Arabia and the final is against the United States in Viseu and Leiria, respectively. The first of the two games which is also a preparation for the final phase of the 2018 World Cup, was broadcast live on the three main television channels (RTP1, SIC and TVI). The game took place on Friday evening at the Stadium of Fontelo, in Viseu. The national …

Photo of the Week

11 November 2017. Serra da Arrábida, Setúbal.  A view of Arrábida seashore and mountains during the fall season. Breathtaking moment caught by José's lens.

Sara Sampaio at Web Summit 2017: "It's About Choice"

Portuguese model, actress and activist Sara Sampaio spoke at Web Summit, Lisbon this Wednesday, November 9, 2017. First, she sat down with Zing Tsjeng from VICE Media to talk about the modern day model. Later on, she spoke about celebrity activism alongside Rosario Dawson.

In her first talk, Sara touched on really important issues surrounding the fashion industry today and the use of social media. She also talked about her own sexual harassment experience and why it motivated her to speak up and name the publication on social media. Finally, she suggested great solutions for the fashion industry to protect and respect women. And how models can protect themselves.

Social media has its ups and downs  Sara admits that social media has its good and bad points. However, one of the many privileges of having a large following on social media is the ability to be heard. Social media gives people strength and speaking up about mistreatments and abuse on social media can open up the doors for …

Prozis Portugal Review: Should You Shop at

Prozis is a Portuguese supplement store, one of the biggest in Europe with headquarters in Esposende, Braga. The company sponsors many football clubs including Inter Milan, Valencia and Porto. Recently, Jumbo, the supermarket chain has been carrying a lot of Prozis product in their health section. I have bought products from Prozis several times and I wanted to share my experience with the company, their customer service, prices and product range.
Products I've Purchased on ProzisSELF Lactose-free Whey Protein (3/5)
The cookies and cream flavor is delicious. It tastes good on its own, with cereal or with pancakes. The 1 kg package is lasting me a very long time and it caused no issues to people with lactose allergy. However, I was very disappointed when I realized the bottle came without protection as if it was previously opened or returned. I am still waiting for an email from customer service.

Prozis 100% Real Whey Protein (5/5)
I bought a pack of three, raspberry, chocolate haz…

Breaking News: Portuguese Heritage Month Is Now Official in Canada

Canada gives us another proof that it's one of the best and most inclusive places in the world to live. A bill has passed in the House of Commons to officially recognize Portuguese Heritage Month and Portugal Day.
Bill M-126 stated the following, "That, in the opinion of the House, the government should recognize the important contributions Canadian Portuguese have made to building Canada and to Canadian society in general, the cultural diversity of the Portuguese communities in Canada, and the importance of educating and reflecting upon Portuguese heritage and culture for future generations by declaring June 10 as Portugal Day and the month of June as Portuguese Heritage Month."
Congratulations to all Portuguese-Canadians.