Heidi Klum’s New Collection Launched in Lidl Portugal

Image: People.com
As of Monday, September 18, 2017, Portuguese consumers will be able to shop for Heidi Klum’s collection in Lidl stores. The highly anticipated collab between Lidl’s brand Esmara and Klum features a lot of fall item; jackets, denim jeans, shoes, handbags, skirts, jumpsuits, sweaters and even scarfs. The campaign is called #LETWOW.

Heidi explains that her goal was to create fabulous high-quality products at reasonable prices. The German supermodel believes that every woman should feel happy, confident and stylish. As seen on the Lidl catalog, the prices range from €8.99 to €59.99. The colors are dark neutral, blue or/and with animal print. The collection “Heidi & The City” is based on the model’s favorite city, New York - an urban jungle.

To see Heidi Klum’s collection, check out the catalog on Lidl.