Common Portuguese Phrases (Portugal)

Even though I took Portuguese language classes for my undergraduate degree, there's nothing quite like being in Portugal, listening to the language daily. I learned and memorized so many useful and amusing expressions. Here's a list of my favorite phrases in Portuguese.

1. Pá!

Common Portuguese Phrases

This is such a versatile word. You can use it to say "buddy", "bro", dude" and it's not gender-specific, you can use it for both guys and girls.

2. A sério?

Common Portuguese Phrases

When a sério is said in a question for, it means, seriously? 

3. Tás a brincar comigo só pode.

Common Portuguese Phrases

On the same lines as a sério? Estás a brincar comigo só pode (tás is short for estás) means "you gotta be kidding me"

4. Já ouvi!

Common Portuguese Phrases

This means "I heard you!" or in literal translation "I already heard".

5. Anda

Common Portuguese Phrases

This is not my favorite word for some strange reason. But it's important to know the meaning. Anda comes from the word andar which means "to walk". It's often used to ask someone to "hurry up" or "let's go".

6. Porcaria 

Common Portuguese Phrases

If you want to describe something unpleasant and be polite about it, you can call it porcaria.

7. Oh meu Deus!

Even if you don't believe in a god, saying "oh my god" can come in handy sometimes and that's what oh meu Deus means precisely. You can also hear different variations like minha nossa, minha nossa senhora or minha nossa senhora da Fátima referring to Virgin Mary. 

8. É para hoje ou para amanhã?

Common Portuguese Phrases

"Is it for today or for tomorrow?" meaning "are you gonna take long?"

9. Outra vez arroz?

Common Portuguese Phrases

When someone does or repeats something multiple times, you could jokingly "again rice?" as if "are we gonna eat rice again?. The equivalent in English would be "this again?"