How to Stay Fit in While Staying in Portugal

Photo Credit: Photo by Philipp Lublasser
Visiting a culture-rich country such as Portugal can be a great experience. Enjoying the food, music and history is a must upon arrival. However, there are a few travelers that enjoy physical exercise and that's something they can still do while traveling. Here, we list fitness activities that you can do as a traveler while in Portugal.


On you can easily find a used bicycle. Keep in mind that Portugal has a lot of up hills and down hills. And if pedaling uphill is a concern for you, consider getting a battery-assisted bicycle. Cycling is a great way to discover new places and get your heart rate up. (Comment below or contact me here if you want to see a guide for cycling laws in Portugal).


If you want to get away from the urban noise, hiking is the way to go. There is a multitude of hiking routes in Portugal. Check out Wikiloc to find the best trails near you. Always make sure to bring water, snacks, emergency kit, flash light and extra phone batteries. Wearing a hiking shoes and a hamlet is important for your safety.

A trip to the beach

You can do so many different activities on Portuguese beaches. You can play volley ball or football. Renting a bike is also an option. Not to mention, some Portuguese beaches have a few outdoor gym equipment. You can even take a long walk or a run on the beach.


There are a lot of public and private pools around Portugal. If you're staying in a place without a pool. A quick search on Google Maps will point you to your nearest pool.


I love tennis! It's by far my favorite sport to play. To find a tennis partner, go to Global Tennis Network. There's a lot of public tennis courts around Portugal. Go to Tenis Portugal to find your nearest tennis court.


It's beautiful to see how passionate people are when it comes to football. It makes me feel I am not alone. I love watching football, I just suck at playing it. But what it's good about football is that you can play it anywhere. Just find opponents on Facebook and get going. You can even buy a football from Sport Zone and play on your own. 


If you love rowing or want to test it out, Portugal is one of the best places to do that. Check out Oar Spotter to see your nearest rowing club.