Prozis Portugal Review: Should You Shop at

Prozis Portugal Review: Should You Shop at

Prozis is a Portuguese supplement store, one of the biggest in Europe with headquarters in Esposende, Braga. The company sponsors many football clubs including Inter Milan, Valencia and Porto. Recently, Jumbo, the supermarket chain has been carrying a lot of Prozis product in their health section. I have bought products from Prozis several times and I wanted to share my experience with the company, their customer service, prices and product range.

Products I've Purchased on Prozis

SELF Lactose-free Whey Protein (3/5)
The cookies and cream flavor is delicious. It tastes good on its own, with cereal or with pancakes. The 1 kg package is lasting me a very long time and it caused no issues to people with lactose allergy. However, I was very disappointed when I realized the bottle came without protection as if it was previously opened or returned. I am still waiting for an email from customer service.

Prozis 100% Real Whey Protein (5/5)
I bought a pack of three, raspberry, chocolate hazelnut and panettone. I love to drink raspberry with milk and panettone taste amazing with oatmeal and peanut butter. But I still haven't found the best way to make the chocolate hazelnut as tasty as it sounds. Maybe I will try it with coffee or with pancakes. I have also gotten a sample of other flavors that I don't remember, but the strawberry tastes exactly like strawberry ice cream when drank with milk. It doesn't have that weird protein after-taste and it doesn't taste chemical.

Prozis 100% Eggwhites (3/5)
 I have only ever bought Prozis eggwhites once at a Jumbo supermarket. They are around 2 euros for 500 g and they expire in 48 hours after opening. I think they are too expensive and they come in a plastic bottle. A better alternative would be the Dovo eggwhites from Continente. They cost less and they are 1 kg. But be aware, they also expire in 48 hours after opening.

MyVegies Soy Protein (4/5)
I was presently surprised by this brand. I redeemed my points to try a few of the flavors and they were all good. This is by far the best soy protein I have ever tasted. The flavors I got were cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Biotech USA One-A-Day Multivitamins (5/5)
If you're planning on buying vitamins from a supermarket or a pharmacy, please stop! They are ridiculously overpriced. I think the best place to buy them is at Prozis. Even if you have to pay for shipping, it still won't reach the price of a pharmacy or supermarket-bought multis.

Scitec Mega Glucosamine (5/5)
Again, way cheaper than buying this on a pharmacy and it will last you a long time. It gets the job done.

Scitec Mega MSM (5/5)
Same deal. You get a lot of pills for cheap.

Should You Shop at Prozis?

For people with allergies such as gluten or lactose allergy, shopping at Prozis is a good thing due to the fact that they have a massive range of products. Also, their own whey protein is good quality for the price and I think it's worth checking out. The best purchases I have ever made and will continue to make on Prozis are the supplement pills. Those include multivitamins, MSM and Glucosamone. I will never buy these products from a pharmacy or a supermarket ever again. The price, quanity and quality are incomparable.

With that being said, expect to wait at least a week for you shipping to arrive and to have no customer service because that has been my experience. I think I will re-purchase the Prozis proteins and the pills. However, I will wait till the lactose-free protein goes on sale to buy. And no more Prozis eggwhites or nut butters for me. They are expesnive compared to alternatives in stores. Finally, I will summarise the pros and cons of shopping at


Good product range.
Good promotion and point system.
Easy website navigation.
You can grab some of their product at Jumbo supermarket.
Lots of shipping, delivery and payment options.


Customer service does not exist.
Some products are ridiculously high such as the cashew butter (15,99 euros for 500 g).
Products can arrive damaged or worse - open. 
Shipping is slow for a national company.
Website top menu can be annoying and always opens when you don't want it to.

How you ever bought anything from Prozis? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments.