Top Female YouTubers From Portugal (Part 1)

Photo Credits: Jakob Owens
Portuguese YouTubers and YouTube community deserve recognition. Content creators in Portugal are not only underpaid, but they also lack business opportunities and exposure. Recently, YouTube has been pushing big channels down everyone's throat in the trending page which hurts the numbers of many creators. According to Social Blade, only the five top channels in Portugal have more than 1 million subscribers.

There's a lot of work to be done when it comes to YouTube Portugal and Portuguese creators around the world, so we figured we could help showcase the many talents starting with our top female YouTubers from Portugal. There were too many awesome people to include in one post so stay tuned for Part 2.

Vania Fernandes

Photo: Instagram@vaniafernandes
Vania is a Portuguese-born girl living in the UK. As a young girl, she has been living in a lot of different places which makes Vania Fernandes special. On her main channel, she speaks mostly English. I am also subscribed to her vlog channel because she films when she's in Portugal visiting her family. She's talented, funny and I always learn something new from her videos. Some of her videos include TRYING PORTUGUESE FOOD w/ Portuguese GrandfatherPORTUGUESE TELEVISION FAILS!!!REACTING TO PORTUGUESE MUSIC VIDEOS !!!BRITISH vs PORTUGUESE and the list goes on.

Subscribe to Vania: YouTube @Vania Fernandes; Vlog channel: YouTube @Vania Fernandes Vlogs

Catarina Filipe

Photo: Instagram@catarinafilipe
I love Catarina! She's so positive and always puts me in a good mood. Even if you don't speak Portuguese, I am sure you'll enjoy her videos because the US-born speaks English often. One of my favorite series in her channel is her trip to the USA, watch the playlist here

Subscribe to Catarina: YouTube @Catarina Filipe


Photo: Instagram@sofiiabbeauty
Sofia is a YouTuber from Porto. Her videos are creative and fun to watch. I really love when she takes us around Portugal (and even Europe) and expresses her opinion on things.  She does vlogs, look-books, makeup tutorials, favorites videos and more. She has a great variety of videos such as, Reflexões sobre história e perfecionismoExpressões do Porto e Algarve c/ Môce dum Cabréste and Coisas que me irritam em Festivais. In her videos, she speaks mostly Portuguese, but she used English from time to time.

Subscribe to Sofia: YouTube @SofiaBBeauty

Joana de Vivre

Photo: Instagram@joanadevivre
Joana appeared on my YouTube suggestions when I was living in Toronto and I'm glad she was! Her videos are about traveling, lifestyle and education. I am 100% sure you'll learn something new from a Joana's video. She's currently a licensed life coach which takes her content to the next level. I also enjoy interviews she makes with inspiring people. 

Subscribe to Joana: YouTube @Joana de Vivre


Photo: Instagram@marapickles
I love Mara's vlogs and how she rates places she goes to. She's also very interactive on social media even when I speak English to her. She's an awesome human-being and she deserves more subscribers and more recognition. In a video titled A decisão que nunca quis ter de tomar, the Biotechnician talks about a hard decision she had to take involving her academic career.

Subscribe to Mara: YouTube @Mara Pickles

Do you know any female YouTubers from Portugal? Who's your favorite? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @RitaReal_. I am always eager to discover new awesome people.